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Hey, Girl! What Are You Wearing?

We are women about town so an invitation to anything is always welcome. These days every event is a hybrid of entertainment and networking. You never know who you will run into and a moment where you felt you could be laid back can quickly turn into a moment where you wish you had a more polished look.

As business women and the owners of, Bold Creative Solutions, Kim and I have gotten a handle on relaxed polish. Today's environment is uber casual and showing up over dressed can not only look clearly not functional it can also give off a stuffy vibe which can make others find you unapproachable. Mastering the art of relaxed polish is a breeze once you understand the components that make it effortless.

How To Master Relaxed Polish

For myself my structure item is my blazer everything after that is fair game and relaxed. I painted it with distressed denim, a neutral colored sweater, and sensible but fashionable booties. I love quirky accessories so I brought in a my personality with my ice cream cone pin. My blazer is serious and brings polish into my look and let's you know that there is more to my look with out going over board. I could easily take off my jacket and be completely relaxed.

Kim always manages to carry a bold look that is always inviting. The detail of her solid colored shirt is the polished element of her look. The rich burgendy looks great on her complexion and her matching lip color pulls her together. All of the other componets of her look are laid back and relaxed.

Even if Kim chose to wear a long line jacket with a bold colored shell underneath she would carry the same strong casual look. Your look says more about you than you think even Kim's scoop neck top makes her apporachable. Covering your neck gives a subconcious message that says closed off. When you are networking you want to send messages of openess to create an energy that says talk to me.

What you want to keep in mind for relaxed polish is that you need an achor for your outfit. Your anchor could be a bold color or a structured blazer. A great rule of thumb is a light weight coat or duster makes everything looked pulled together.Try to avoid anything that isn't in good condition or has peeling fabric or missing hardware. Always be sure to bring in elements that speak to your personality because you want to be the truest reflection of yourself and your business.

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