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Kim “DuWaup” Bolden is a nationally known poet and spoken word artist and motivational speaker who has been writing creatively, performing and hosting artist showcase events for more than a decade. DuWaup has toured and performed in numerous cities around the country and along side some of today’s most prolific and profound artists. She has won spoken word competitions and awards, both as a solo artist and as a member of spoken word groups and collectives. Since the early 2000’s, she has hosted open mic and artist showcase events featuring both local and national artists.


DuWaup’s approach to writing and presenting is unembellished, honest and frank. She addresses topic such as love, sex and relationships, social justice and spirituality head on and doesn’t hold back when calling out injustice, inequality and improprieties once and for all.


Throughout her many years of performing, hosting and having a strong social media presence, DuWaup has befriended, associated and connected with artists from every part of the country and abroad.  She is known to many as a “legend” on the Cincinnati spoken word scene and has often times afforded touring artists their first featured performance in the city.  DuWaup is as encouraging and supportive as she is straightforward and exact which draws many up-and-coming artist near her.  Though she is largely connected to nationally performing artists, she doesn’t hesitate to encourage and uplift “newbees” on the scene and has allowed many of them their first featured performance to which many have gone on to acquire great success. 


DuWaup has collaborated with other creatives on major spoken word events, recording projects, stage plays, web series, and publications.  More independent projects and collaborations can be expected from DuWaup in the near future. 


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