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Where insight, truth and art intersect, you will find Laura Wize. This blogger, panelist, writer, and poet, called "The Wize One", devotes her energies to enhancing and uplifting anyone she can.

Through her blog,, she demonstrates how fashion, style, passion, and artistry can rejuvenate the soul. She uses her writing to empower fashionistas to achieve their dreams and use their voice to positively impact their world. Laura merges creativity and conscience to unify the thinker with the diva by guiding enlightenment to creativity.


Laura began her writing journey at the age of 16, and currently freelances professionally, channeling her thoughts and experiences into soul food that her peers have recognized through their collaborations with her. She performs spoken word and poetry throughout the country and has featured prominently in Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, and Kentucky. Since 2009, when she began performing her blend of word and wisdom, she has co-written, co-produced and co-starred in the spoken word stage play (as one fourth of the female spoken word collective P.I.M,P Hand Strong, Indestructible Bloom (2012), three spoken word projects including the soundtrack for Indestructible Bloom, Kiss & Tale, and Fanning Flames.


Laura also shares her wisdom through her freelance writing for magazines (, and through her blog. 


Laura Wize believes all of these achievements have prepared her to share her heart and journey in new platforms. She looks forward to working with youth groups, businesses, and community organizations ready for a fresh take on empowerment, diversity, mobility, and proactively enabling long-term high-impact catalysts for change.


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