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(Progressive Intelligent Motivated Poets)



P.I.M.P Hand Strong is a spoken word collective consisting of four phenomenal, female artists from Cincinnati, OH. Laura Wize, Mikhaila "Statuesque" Henderson, Kim “DuWaup” Bolden & Symana “She Speaks” Dillingham came together in 2010 while performing at local open mic nights. The four were immediately drawn to each other’s artistic abilities and womanly strength. They became friends and soon began traveling together and performing across the Mid-West. While on a road trip to St. Louis, the group and the acronym P.I.M.P. (Progressive Intelligent Motivated Poets) was were birthed after the ladies began discussing the trials and tribulations of being a female artists in a male dominated industry. Intending to be a part of the solution, the ladies decided to ban together to be the change they wanted to see; “to flip the misrepresentation of the current mindset of anyone in ownership of a vagina”. 

Though PHS is a collective group of individuals, they are one powerful entity that is as lyrically talented as they are striking and fierce. As P.I.M.P. HAND STRONG, these four women entertain and educated. Their writings and performances touch on topics such as womanhood, sisterhood and motherhood, politics, sexism, racism, sexuality and relationships. 

To experience this powerful collective is to gain a clear understanding as to why it’s so very necessary to "always trust your first mind and keep your P.I.M.P. HAND STRONG!"


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