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Jamie-Lee Elizabeth is a 2nd generation Cincinnati native who takes great pride in her Jamaican heritage. She is an alumna of The Ohio State University where she obtained a Bachelor's degree in Psychology with a minor in Education in 2012. During her time at The Ohio State University, Jamie-Lee was introduced to community organizing through The Ohio Student Association. Upon graduation she entered into the AmeriCorps Program to began working with nonprofit organizations in collaboration with the Columbus City School District. The wealth of insight she gained from working directly with the community left her looking for a deeper level of engagement. 


She later returned to Cincinnati and began working as a community organizer for the AMOS Project, a faith-based  organization where she coordinated efforts to rally Cincinnatians all across the city to support The Cincinnati Preschool Promise (Issue 44). She is currently engaged in social justice and works as an Interdisciplinary Research Fellow for the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation. Similar to her organizing efforts at AMOS, Jamie Lee’s current work focuses on children and families by promoting a culture of health and early childhood wellness in the community.  


Jamie-Lee Elizabeth is aspiring writer and spoken word artist. The wealth of insight Jamie-Lee has gained from working directly with the community has certainly helped shape who she is as a writer. She is as passionate about her writing and artistry as she is community organizing. She believes storytelling provides the strength needed to survive day to day. Her inspiration to write comes from personal experience as well local and world issues.


Throughout Jamie-Lee Elizabeth’s life she has grown to understand how essential self care is to survival. Though women rarely receive the time to take care of themselves, she views it less as a luxury and more as the fuel to her creativity. Learning to take some time to reevaluate, live in the present and envision where she sees her future has been beneficial to her artistry.


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